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Buri Tara Thai Cuisine (Foster City) Featured Image
Buri Tara Thai Cuisine (Foster City)
Buri Tara Thai Cuisine (Foster City)
939 A Edgewater Boulevard, Foster City, CA 94404
Starts accepting orders tomorrow at 11:00 AM

Buri Tara Thai Cuisine (Foster City)

939 A Edgewater Boulevard, Foster City, CA 94404

At Buri Tara Thai Cuisine, we are committed to providing our customers spectacular and authentic Thai food. Our new establishment in Foster City is situated right by the water for a beautiful view, as well as a wonderful meal.

Our simple yet effective location in the Edgewater Place Shopping center provides you with the convenience of enjoying a meal during a day at the pier. We share a vast outdoor patio or come inside for an intimate dining experience. Our pristine interior gleams with metallic counters and two-toned shades. Glossy mirrors and traditional artwork hang off of our walls. A flowing waterfall fountain serves at the centerpiece with artistic set tables beckoning you to sit down and dine.

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We offer a menagerie of Buri Tara Thai Special appetizers. Dishes like Fried Cracker Balls and Crispy Calamari with our homemade special sauces are the perfect sized portions to eat alone or share with your group. Our regular appetizers like tangy Satay features spices like sweet basil and lemongrass. Our sizzling Samosa with spicy veggies in a fresh fried shell will satisfy your appetite.

We offer an A La Carte menu for a brief lunch. Choose from seasonal options like our Curries with exotic bamboo shoots. You should try our Noodle dishes, with Pan Fried or Soup options. You'll love bowls like traditional Pad Thai with peanuts and Tom Yum Noodle Soup with a sweet and sour broth. Our entrees include Vegetarian, Seafood, and Poultry. Indulge in our sauteed Pad specialties with chili powder and garlic for a unique taste that you can't beat. Or order our zesty Seafood plates, fresh from the ocean and cooked to your liking. We happily present a Chef Signature Selection menu with gourmet dishes like prawn and tender duck plates in a seasonal menu.

Call us for a reservation or take-out. You can also stop by anytime between 11 am to 2:45 pm, or later on at 5 pm to 9:15 pm. Bring a friend, your family, or eat solo for unrivaled cuisine that will make you feel like you're dining in Thailand.

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